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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Here's what I noticed:

Squat - it appears you break at the knees first, you should focus on pushing the butt back. Also, your descent was pretty quick. You may feel more in control of the weight if you slow down the descent slightly.

That said, your depth was great and you had no problem with the weight.

Bench - you may get a few more pounds on your bench if you arch more and tuck the elbows in some more as well. However, like the squat, the weight looked easy for you even with the pause.

BTW - how do you lift to that crap? 867-530 ni-E-ine!
Thanks for the feedback Commander, I have previously once reviewed some squat footage and found some major flaws in my technique and fixed them. I will look at the video again so I can visually see what you are talking about and begin correcting it. Thanks for the compliment on depth, I hate hearing the excuse that someone is too tall to go deep, I am just under 6' 2" and seem to have no problem getting parallel, even a bit below!

On the bench, I used to bench with a narrower grip, so i recently changed it and made it wider..will work on tucking the elbows, also on the arch..thats gonna take some work and mental effort. Ever since having my abdomen cut open last year, my flexibility in that area is just not the same...its hard to arch hard and keep my butt down..again, thanks for noticing...I WILL FIX IT!!!

on a side note, today is considered a "weekend" (i use a government gym), and the music from the weekend crew leaves something to be desired...I think historically, that is why my saturday or sunday workouts normally suck.I just cannot get pumped for it. Ive learned to phase it out.
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