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Default Update

I haven't posted since December. Its our busy season and I feel like there's no time. I have been keeping up at the gym though. Diet was loose through January (far more processed carbs than needed). Weight is now about 165 lbs and waist a shade under 34". About this time last year I was about 2 weeks into cardio / weights and probably weighed a little under 190 lbs so all is fine and looking forward to the year ahead. Another reason I haven't posted is that I haven't changed my weights. I have been focusing on getting to failure on the exercises with good form and breathing - slack jaw, no breathing hitches - rather than focusing on the numbers. When I focus on numbers of reps there's too much temptation to work a little momentum into the weak part of a repitition, especially when I train alone. Have a look at - interesting stuff. Overall I feel I have made some slow progress. I feel stronger on chest press, doing around my previous max repetitions (posted here) with what I now consider to be very clean form - I am close to going up a weight. On leg press I'm up to 10 reps with 440 lbs, again with main focus on form. Now doing slow chin ups instead of lat pull-downs to change it up and enjoying it. I will get back to posting each workout if I feel like I am losing my way.

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