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Day 43
Dynamic effort day. 2/18/2011

DE Box Squats
110x3x8 (~40-45% of 1RM)

DE Bench Press
88x3x8 (~45-50% of 1RM)

Standing Calf Raises

Crunches w/ oblique twists

Nice DE work today, first time doing any for over a month. I started to slow down on the last 2 sets of squats but bench remained explosive to the end. Next DE day i'll be working upto 70% of 1RM to get that bit of extra hypertrophy while improving explosivness. Assistance work was good, rest times were 45 seconds for calves as thats what my training partner insisted on doing and it was brutal. No lower back work today, it is still fried from work. Day off tommorow then heavy bench Mon PM.
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