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Default 16th feb 2010

A really brutal workout... I am inches away from hitting a plateau

72.5kg x 20 - was really brutal

117.5kg x 15

Incline Bench press
67.5kg x 10, 8, 6

Standing shoulder press
25kg x 15, 15, 15. - Some high burning reps. (already sore from incline)

Then yes once again blasted small muscle groups. Tiny bit of biceps, some rear delts and finished with calves.

Really want to bring up my biceps and calfs. Any advice would be great. Would working them out three times a week be too much?

Its only been around 6 weeks as well and i really wanted to stretch this workout. Oh well - I will just concentrate on getting my squat up in the next couple of weeks and keep my dead lift around the same weight - hopefully it hits 120kg x 15.
Go hard or go home.

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