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Originally Posted by WorkoutMchne View Post
Originally Posted by Commander View Post
We are more of a commercial market (cookie cutter, all american look) and you have an edgier more distinct look.
Let me translate this: "Commander, you are too awesome for us. We are weak and don't lift heavy things like you do. Are company cannot comprehend your awesomeness of strength and size."
Ha, ha, thanks for the kind words!

Originally Posted by WorkoutMchne View Post
I will defer to Andro on this, but maybe you don't need to wrap them tighter. As we've discussed extensively here getting the wraps tight is not of extreme importance as a moderate restriction is more than enough, maybe just increase the reps. However, maybe the wraps were just way to loose.
I'm pretty sure I needed to wrap tighter. Just comparing to my previous occluded sessions, no unbearable sensation to take them off, No DOMS the next day.


320 Days to get Huge

From Monday

Upper Hypertrophy


60 seconds rest on Chinup, T-Bar and DB Press, 30 seconds on everything else

BWx10, 10, 10, 9 - getting there, 1 more reps and I will add some weight

52x10, 4 sets - increase weight

Stiff Arm Pulldown
37.5x10, 4 sets - increase weight

135x10, 4 sets - increase weight

Close Grip Row
82.5x10, 4 sets - increase weight

Wide Grip Row
82.5x10, 4 sets - increase weight

DB Row
52x12, 10, 10

82.5x10, 3 sets

Band Lat Pulldowns and Band Rows, partial reps for pump

Band Pull aparts


DB CG Neutral Press
64.5x10, 4 sets - increase weight

Suspended Pushups
BWx12, 12, 12, 10

Band Flys - 3 different positions (2 sets each)
6 sets of 10

DB Lateral Raise

DB Front Raise

Tricep Pushdowns with Band

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