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We are more of a commercial market (cookie cutter, all american look) and you have an edgier more distinct look.

Let me translate this: "Commander, you are too awesome for us. We are weak and don't lift heavy things like you do. Are company cannot comprehend your awesomeness of strength and size."

Originally Posted by Commander View Post

Occluded Leg Extension
70x30, 15, 15

It was hard, but not hard enough, I didn't have that unbearable sensation to take the wraps off, I need to get wrap a little tighter.
I will defer to Andro on this, but maybe you don't need to wrap them tighter. As we've discussed extensively here getting the wraps tight is not of extreme importance as a moderate restriction is more than enough, maybe just increase the reps. However, maybe the wraps were just way to loose.
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