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Surprise beach trip yesterday so didn't make it to either TKD class, and now I'll be working 9-5 (with hour commute on both ends) on wednesdays so will only be attending the evening class from now on, but I'm keeping up with my cardio so far and loving it. 50 minutes including cool down today at around 138-145bpm. I'll be keeping this schedule up for about a month to test for progress, and then will likely do maybe 1-2 weeks of straight strength sessions, with more intense anaerobic threshold cardio, and then 2 weeks of endurance training, then maybe a week or two of plyometrics...back to endurance training, etc. for a few months to improve the weakness that is my endurance and then reassess what I want to work on.

Biceps mostly training strength; triceps, pecs, and delts training endurance.

Curls (hammer)
Curls (standard)

Reverse curls

Push-ups (2-2)

Dumbbell shoulder press

Plate Laterals
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