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Had to deal with a minor quad tear this last week as well as a pulled muscle in my back, but spent the time doing some kickass research! Found an 84 page thread by Joel Jamieson and it revolutionized my endurance theory and knowledge. I've reworked my workout program to address my biggest problem: endurance. In class I find myself gassing out way too quickly, and my resting heartrate is in the high 60's. So muscular and lung endurance is lagging so is on the chopping block.

Monday: 1 TKD class, 30+ mins cardio 140-150bpm
tuesday: 45 mins cardio 140-150bpm
wednesday: 2 TKD classes
thursday: arm day + 45 mins cardio 140-150bpm
friday: leg endurance day + 45+ mins cardio 140-150bpm
saturday: optional home arm day
sunday: yoga class, 20-30 mins cardio 140-150bpm
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