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339 days to get up to 210 pounds.


Last Night

Calves Occluded

Bodyweight one legged calve raises on my steps
BWx30, 15, 15, 15 - I had to use the stairs banister for some assistance on the last few reps of the last 2 sets. It was brutal

Wow - the DOMS is intense today!


I was really focused on keeping EVERYTHING tight during yesterday's squat session, as a result, my lats were sore this morning. That is the first time I ever got my lats sore from squatting. Interesting.

So, I switched things up, went with pullups over chins as I feel the pullup hits the upperback more and the lats less as compared to chins.


BW+15, 6 sets of 5

Tried to hold peek contraction, even if only for a half second.

161, 6 sets of 5

DB CG Neutral Press
72, 6 sets of 5
62, 3 sets of 8
54, 2 sets of 12


BWx8, 4 sets

Held the peak contraction for a second on the first 3 sets


137x8, 4 sets

Decline Low Cable Pullover
40x10, 3 sets

superset with Suspended Pushups

V-Bar Pulldown to Face
60x10, 3 sets

Hold peak contract for 1-2 seconds, trying to pull apart V-Bar attachment

Finished off the pump in my lats with band straight arm pulldowns

Mixed things up today, instead of back in the AM and chest at lunch, I did some for each muscle group at both sessions.

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