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Originally Posted by chuckles_345 View Post
You are correct on the Kaatsu training grant. As I understand it, Sato Sports Plaza (the company in Japan that makes the Kaatsu machine) wants to have labs in the US verify their data because some of their data is so good that it almost seems too good to be true. Most data that has come out on the US shows Kaatsu training is effective, however, not quite as great as some of the data from Japan makes you believe. There may be a cultural reason for this as in Asian cultures if an elder tells you to train even though it hurts, you will with no questions asked. In the US, this is not necesarily the case. In the end, I think it is good to have labs outside of the group that sells the Kaatsu equipment who are located in multiple countries and have different cultures verify the data.

in my opinion, there are more problems with the data coming out of the United States than that of Japan...i wish i could elaborate more, but that's what our current study is investigating at the moment...more to come in the following months
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