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Originally Posted by Gregsimo View Post
You are going to be very sore tomorrow and the day after! good luck walking.
Not as sore as I would have liked, but definitely feeling it.

Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
WOW, just reading that link I am impressed! haha, as you said..considering the source! do you have plans on wrapping your arms for occlusion, or just utilizing the leg method?
Thanks for taking the time to read it!

Regarding wrapping arms, probably not, I only have leg wraps, I think you need elbow wraps to wrap arms right? Probably too much material with the leg wraps.


342 Days to pile on mass

This Monday I will be participating in the March for Life in Washington DC, thus I bumped Monday's workout to today. It's a long day, board a bus at 6am at my church, won't get back until midnight.


BWx10, 10, 9, 7

44.5x10, 4 sets, increase weight

Stiff Arm Lat Pulldown
30x10, 4 sets, increase weight

115x10, 10
120x10, 12, increase weight

Narrow Grip Cable Row
70x10, 4 sets, increase weight

Wide Grip Cable Row
70x10, 4 sets, increase weight

Used my bands to get some final pumping for my lats and midback.


Last night my friend who is new to training came over and I took him through a shoulder workout. I haven't done shoulders since I hurt my pec tendon/left bicep area. It has hurt to press overhead whenever I tested it out.

Well, working with him we were using pretty light weights since he is new to the iron game. I was able to hang with him and it felt good to move some light weight around. We did OH Press, DB OH Press, Front Raise and Lateral Raise. I might incorporate some light delt work on my chest hypertrophy days since it appears I can press Overhead as long as the weights are light.

It is definitely interesting trying to work around an injury.

I hope to get in some chest hypertrophy later today, but if I don't have time, it won't be a big deal, my triceps are sore from yesterday's arm workout, my delts are a little sore from yesterday's delt workout and my chest already got some work during pullover and stiff arm pulldowns during my back workout.


I ended up having time...

Suspended Pushups
BWx20, 12, 10, 10

Band Flys
Mini-Band x 10, 4 sets

Occluded Leg Curls - trying to get them right - this time, I used my suspension trainer, it was sweet
BWx30, 15, 15

Finished my workout by messing around with my mini-bands. I doubled them up to set up for a band bench press with 90lbs on the bar, I brought down my scale, and stacked up a bunch of stuff so I could weigh the bar at the top ROM, I weighed several times to be sure, came out between 140 and 150lbs! The bands add 50 to 60 pounds of tension at the top, pretty sweet for how small they are. I am loving them, they are really versatile.

I used them to warm up my delts with lateral raises prior to last night's delt workout, I used them as a finisher after this morning's lat workout (doing band straight arm pulldowns and rows). They are awesome.

Messed around with a few other exercises, tried band tricep extensions, and practiced setting up for band resisted squats and deadlift.

The way I got it to work, the bands will add:
60 lbs to top of bench
90 lbs to top of squat
120 lbs to top of deadlift

I am pretty happy with that, the pounds it adds is roughly proportional to my strength in those lifts. You should have seen me trying to weigh the bar with bands on it, I almost got myself killed creating a tower of benches/boxs/4x4's/etc to stack up and put my scale on, then trying to climb around my stack of stuff and shrug the bar off the rack and gently place it on the scale, the whole time hoping my tower doesn't come crashing down (which it did once, luckily my scale was OK, and so am I, lol!).


175 Friday, 178 Saturday, 173.5 Sunday

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