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Day 13: Afternoon :Back,delts ,traps ,abs, forearms
1.Pull ups /w machine pull over /w cable crunches - 4x15/12/12, 12/10/12, 10/10/12, 8/10/12
2.Behind the back pull down /w hanging leg raises - 4x12/12, 10/12, 8/12, 10/12
3.Upright row /w barbell shrugs -3x12/8, 12/8 ,10/8
4.Standing one hand isolation dumbell laterals -2 drop sets each arm
5.Machine L-laterals - 1 triple drop set with static hold for 20sec on the last one
6.Reverse flies - 4x8/8/8/10
7.Behind the back wrist curls /w seated wrist curls /w dumbell holds - 4sets
8.Seated EZ bar reverse wrist curls - 3 rest pause sets

I got terrible pain in my left elbow from the upright rows, like i did my last workout for shoulders.However good workout ,good pump and energy.Tomorrow carb up and rest day
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