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Day 11: AM:Biceps, forearms
I did first workout from the 8weekstofullerbiceps.Insane pump realy great workout.
1.Behind the back wrist curls /w seated wrist curls - 6sets
2.Seated EZ bar reverse wrist curls -1 triple drop set

PM:Chest ,Triceps
1.Flat bench flies - 3x15/10/10
2.Weighted dips - 4 sets failure with the added weight then failure with body weight
3.Flat smith machine bench press - 3x6/5/4
4.Smith machine incline bench - 3x8/8/8 drop on the last set with stretching between sets
5.French dumbell press /w triceps dips - 3x12/6,10/6,10/5
6.V-grip cable press /w triceps pushups - 3x12 on the cables and failure on the pushups
7.Triceps machine(i don't know who to describe this machine) /w overhead cable extensions -3x12/6,12/6,12/6
It wasn't my strongest day in the gym especially on the barbell presses .Triceps also felt quite exhausted so no heavy weights.
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