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345 days to pile on mass




Borrowed this template for a hypertrophy day from Ironman Magazine, it is called 4x. Basically, try to estimate a weight you could do for about 15 reps, do 10 on the first set, rest 30 seconds, do 10, rest 30 seconds, repeat. Once you can get 10 reps on all 4 sets, you up the weight. With only 30 seconds rest, it is a very quick pace.

Upper Hypertrophy

BWx10, 10, 7, 5

DB Pullover
42x10, 4 sets

Stiff Arm Lat Pulldown
30x10, 10, 10, 8

110x10, 4 sets

Close Grip Cable Row
65x10, 4 sets

Wide Grip Cable Row
65x10, 4 sets

Suspended Pushups
BWx10, 4 sets

Band Flys
Pro-Mini Band x10, 4 sets

Bonus Cardio and Lower Back word: Shoveling tons of snow!



Wow, this is awesome considering the source
European Central Bank Studies Show Spending Restraint is key to controlling red ink

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