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Day 8: AM: Chest,Bi,Tri, Forearms
1.Flat barbell bench press /w flat dumbel flies - 3x12/12,10/10,12/10 strip on the last set on the bench.
2.Smith machine incline press /w machine flies -3x12/12,10/10,10/10 i used rest pause on incline presses.Stretch and squeeze after 3th set.
3.Incline dumbel curls /w v-grip triceps press - 3x12/12,12/12,12/12
4.Machine biceps curls /w cable triceps press - 3x12/12,12/12,12/12 stretch after the last set.
5.Reverse preacher curls /w incline hammer curls -5x12/12 with static hold for 20-30 sec
6.Seated reverse EZ bar wrist curls - 2 triple drop sets till failure.
I've got tremendous pump after the carb up.Felt extremely full and motivated.
PWO shake from now on will be 4scoops Extend and 30mins after a whole meal ,when i get back home.

PM: Thighs,Calves ,HIIT
1.Leg extension /w lying leg curls -6x15/15,12/12,12/12,12/12/10/10
2.Leg press (deep) - 3x12/10/10
3.Walking lunges - 3xFailure
4.Seated calf raises - 4xFailure with 5sec static hold each rep
5.Leg press calf raises -3x15 with half reps at the end of each set
3mins stair master (tempo), 6mins HIIT on Eleptical 15/45 sprint/rest 4 min moderate intensity.

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