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Day 7: Early afternoon (i was unable to train twice today)Back,Shoulders,Calves,Forearms
1.Uni lateral machine pull downs /w seated calf machine - 4sets of each
2.Low cable rows /w smith machine calf raise -4sets
3.Cable pullover /w leg press calf raise - 3sets
4.Smith machine upright row - 3sets
5.Machine L-lateral raises -1 straight set 1 triple drop set
6.Front dumbel raises - 2sets
7.Kneeing rear delt high pulley cable - 3sets
8.Reverse machine fly - 3sets
9.4 giant sets for forearms - seated wrist curls /w behind the back wrist curls /w dumbel holds

It was too much and i cannot concentrate enough after the first 3 exercises.My original routine is am:shoulders calves,pm:Back ,rear delts ,forearms.Also the gym was crowded with people which only purpose of being there is to talk,laugh and lay down on the equipment, that realy pissed me off quite a bit..
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