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Day 6: AM:Abs,obliques
1.Hanging windshield wipers (hardest version) - 3sets till failure
2.Giant set - Hanging leg raise/Barbell twists/Rope crunches -3x15/25/15
3.Abs machine crunches -4x15/12/8/12
4.Side bends with 20kg plate - 3sets alternating side's without rest -15/12/12

PM:Thighs,Hams 10mins HIIT ,5mins 15/45 sprint rest ,5min moderate intensity
1.Smith machine front squats - 3warmup sets 15-12-10 then 3 heavy working sets 10-8-8
2.Leg press(feet low on the pad) super set with lying hamstring curls -3x12/12,10/10,10/10
3.Smith machine 1 and a half rep sissy squats super set with SLD - 3x10/10,10/10,10/10
4.Walking lunges - 3sets till total failure
5.Leg extensions - 1set very high reps with static hold every 4th rep for 5 secs then stretch.
This was by far the most taxing workout.I felt so exhausted to the point that i didn't know what's going on around me..just breathing extremely heavy and trying to keep myself up and not collapse. The fun part was on my way back home when 2 policemen stopped me and when they insisted to see my ID i gave them my gym member card without even realizing what am i doing, my mind was not there at this time ..they thought i was high or something haha.

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