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Day 5: AM: Biceps,forearms
I did 2nd routine from 8weekstofullerbiceps but lower the sets to 4 on each exercise.Great pump however.
Preacher EZ bar reverse curls - 4 sets till failure.
Reverse EZ bar wrist curls - 4 sets till failure
1 giant set -Barbell wrist curls supersetted with Behind-the-back
wrist curls supersetted with dumbell hold's.

PM: Chest,Triceps
1.Flat dumbell bench press - 4x10/8/6/6
2.Machine flies - 3x12/8/8 - stretching after each set
3.Decline smith machine press - well i don't have a decline bench in the gym so i had to improvise and place 4x20kg plates under the bench.This however unables me to go realy heavy cuz i cannot place my feets on the ground and instead i placed 2 dumbells and use them as a contra weight.
4.Flat machine press - 3x8/8/8
I did stretching and squeezing at the end.The pump was so great!
1.Seated EZ bar press - 3x8/8/10 - i could do more reps but i don't wanna risk an injury cuz there is no one to spot me.
2.Decline smith machine close grip press - 3x8/8/8 - i do static hold's at the end of each set for 10-15 seconds
3.One arm dumbell press - 3 double drop sets till failure
4.Overhead cable extensions - 3 sets /total reps drop set method
I realy believe that the creatine is working so **** well.The pump and the strength are still there.

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