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Day 4: AM:Cardio (Eleptical)
5mins warmup 10mins HIIT 15/45 sprint/rest then rest for 2-3 mins sipping water followed by 30mins of moderate intensity cardio.

PM: Back,Calves
1.Deadlift raw 10-8-6 then i attempted a max efford but failed at 175kg's.Then one last set of 10 with wide grip.
2.Did this insane giant set -pullups-static pullup-pulldown for 3 sets.Realy insane ,great pump.
3.Machine pullover -12-10-6(rest pause) then another 4 reps
4.Seated cable rows to the neck - 3 sets with static hold at the last rep of every set
Pretty much the same workout as workout 6 from buildingtheultimateback with little modifications.
5.Smith machine calf raises -7straight sets till failure with halp reps on each.Then on the last set i did the following:Failure with the weight from the previous sets ,rack the bar add 20% then failure again,rack the bar strip 20% ,failure then strip 20%more go to failure and finish with half reps.The pain was out of this world.

Today i felt even better than yesterday in terms of energy, was strong in the gym.

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