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had a decent night tonight. After hitting 495 for a solid 3 on squat 2 weeks ago and 455 X 3 on box squat on a low box so I had been looking forward to squatting again this week. So tonight here is how I worked up:

1-135 X 12
2-185 X 9
3-245 X 6
4-295 X 4
5-345 X 2
6-385 X 1
7-425 X 1
8-465 X 1
working sets:
505 X 3 First rep was super sloppy, I went down too far and hit the pins and when that happened I let my air out and this caused me to pitch too far forward and I struggled to push it through. I actually laughed out loud at the top after the first rep because I knew I could get it easy, but I had fouled up by getting too amped before the set, so I calmed down and hit a solid 2nd rep, and then a 3rd rep but it was pretty sloppy as well because I was so fatigued from the struggle on the first rep.

I decided that I would go for 515 X 3 because I knew I did everything wrong on the first set and still hit it for 3.

I calmed myself down for this set, probably too much so because I actually was a bit slow out of the hole and again pitched forward too much. I hit 3 reps and even though they weren't perfect they were still better than the set of 505 for 3. I finished up with a set of 455 X 5 which was pretty solid.

Finished up with some single leg extensions, calves and glute ham raises. Worked up to bodyweight + 35 lbs for 5 reps.

I feel like my strength is there, I just need to work out my mechanics and really keeping my breathe in and staying upright in the hole
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