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Purpose of writing a Training Manifesto: Document what you need and want from training, refer back when you feel lost in your training.

Training Manifesto


I will first determine my overall goal, training can only make sense in the context of having a goal.

Once my goal is determined, I will determine the diet and training necessary to achieve that goal.

I will assess myself on an ongoing basic and adjust my program accordingly. I must be willing to eliminate what is not working even if I enjoy it and increase the volume of what is working, even if I don’t enjoy it. Training takes sacrifice.

If I repeat this ongoing process, there is no ceiling on my progress except my own genetics.


I will prepare for an April 2012 bodybuilding contest.

As part of that preparation, I will attend the April 16, 2011 contest to see my potential competition.

Franklin Regional High School Auditorium
Murrysville, PA

Promoter: Dean Tortorice

Picture of last year's winner:

Results from 2010:

To bring the best package to the stage, I will need to gain quality mass.

I will be laser focused on achieving hypertrophy until 12/31/2011.

EDIT: Date moved back to December 5th, 2011. This will give me the appropriate time to diet.

From 1/1/12, I will be laser focused on achieving fat loss while maintaining lean mass until the April 2012 contest.


I will consistently weigh myself. I will strive toward 0.75 lb weekly mass gain. This will put me at a bodyweight of 210 (+38 lb) on December 31, 2011 (from a starting point of 172, 5%, current estimated fat mass =8.6 lb). Assuming 50% ratio of lean mass gains, I will have 27.7 lb of fat residing on my body. I will have 17 weeks to get into shape (try to be in shape by April 1st). Assuming initial 3.0 lb drop first week due to water loss, 2.0 lb fat loss during the next 4 weeks, 1.5 lb fat loss for the next 4 weeks and 1.0 lb fat loss for the final 8 weeks. This would equal 22 lbs of fat lost, leaving 5.7 lbs of fat on my body. Bodyweight would be 210-22-3=185. 5.7/185=3.1% bodyfat.

[For every pound of dry muscle tissue, you would likely gain on average 0.4 lb glycogen and 1.08 lb of water (0.4 x 2.7), thus 1 pound of dry tissue carries with it 1.5 extra pounds of glycogen and water, equaling 2.5 lbs. If gaining 0.25 lb dry tissue per week, then about 2.5 lbs fat free per month is possible, 30lb per year]

At all times, whether gaining or maintaining, I will ingest the majority of my carbohydrates and calories around training time to take advantage of nutrient partitioning. For example, 72% of my calories are ingested within 1 hour of training on a 2 session day, and 95% on 3 session days.

Specific areas to improve upon (while striving for overall mass):

Arm hypertrophy


I rarely, in the past, have put much focus on arms. I have, rather, spent my time on the basics. However, to have a “bodybuilder’s” physique, I need to significantly improve my arm size. I will spend time training them in isolation. Specifically, I will devote at least one session weekly to training arms from multiple angles in a moderate rep range (generally accepted as good for hypertrophy).

Keep legs lean


I will perform tire drags to increase my leg volume. I will occasionally perform higher rep leg work as it is possible to increase mitochondria and their activity. I will perform HIIT Cardio, weather permitting, to simultaneously help keep my legs lean and keep mass gains mostly lean. When the weather is not permitting, I will use Tabata Front Squats.

I will use occlusion while walking the dog and after my Saturday Arm Hypertrophy workout. Cardio will best be kept either very low intensity (i.e. walking) or very high (i.e. sprinting, tire sprints) rather than middle.

Overall Mass


I will train frequently (2 or 3 times daily) as data suggests that exercise-induced local mechanisms in muscle itself activate protein synthesis, rather than systemic increases in anabolic hormones being the activators of muscle protein synthesis. Further, long term practice distribution suggests splitting total volume for one muscle group into 2 sessions per day is superior over 1 session per day. First session will include weights, second session (for the muscle group) will be eccentric-less, weather permitting.

I will progressively add volume to my program to give my body a reason to add new muscle. Volume is increased via extra reps and extra weight. I will periodize my training, varying rep/set schemes to target strength and hypertrophy.

I will train in multiple rep ranges to take advantage of both myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. The majority of my reps will fall in the 73 to 86% zone of intensity. However, there will be some back off sets at lighter percentages to take advantage of possibly upregulating the genes involved in hypertrophy.

I will keep rest periods typically 1 to 1.5 minutes. I will choose multijoint exercises for the majority of my training. Generally 85% of my volume will be coming from these types of exercises with 15% coming from isolation.

I will seek to lift all reps as explosively as possible while still keeping tension on the target muscle. Eccentrics will be controlled but not emphasized.

In summary, I have set up my training attempting to intelligently use all possible methods to achieve massive hypertrophy. By ramping up heavy, I will be increasing neural activation, by doing multiple sets/reps at a moderate intensity level, I will be inflicting structural damage, by doing lighter weight back off sets and some isolation to use the constant tension technique of hypertrophy.

Maintaining Mass (post January 1, 2012)


I will get more into specifics as I get closer to this date. However, based on the success of my previous cut, I will apply similar techniques. I will likely cut back on some of my higher rep sets, and focus more on lifting heavy to give my body the stimulus to maintain my hard earned muscle.

Regarding diet, I will again apply the techniques used during my 2010 cut. I will seek to keep calories and carbs as high as possible at all times. Efforts will be made to increase volume through the use of eccentric-less training so as to create a deficit by burning calories first before eventually reducing carbs/calories.

Resources: ABC Journal of Hyperplasia, specifically, articles on Periodization, Muscle Fibers, Occlusion, Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy, ABC Community, Christian Thibaudeau, John Berardi

James 1:16-17 ESV
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