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Day 3: AM:Cardio
5min warmup 10min HIIT 15/45 sprint/rest off the Eleptical for 2 min and drink some water then 30min moderate intensity.PWO shake immediately after.

PM: Delts,Traps
I did wide load workout from 8weekstobiggershoulders with little modifications and for traps i did
Smith machine barbell shrugs /w Cable static holds -3super sets
Smith machine behind the back shrugs /w Cable static hold behind the back - 3 supersets

Macros:60f/40p/0c -10%BMR
I'm still feeling great despite that it was my 3th day without carbs.Strength is ok, i felt strong with my standing smith machine shoulders presses and with the upright rows.So far so good can't wait to start the DAA and Triazole next couple of days.

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