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Day 2: AM:Chest,Bi,Tri,Forearms(super sets)

Dumbell incline presses / machine flies 4x10/10, 8/8, 6/6, 8/8 (stretch between sets)
Alternate dumbell curls / Cable triceps press 4x10/10
EZ bar curls / Dumbell french press 3x10/10
Machine curls / Overhead cable extension 1x15/15(stretch after this set)
Barbell wrist curls / behind the back wrist curls 4 sets till failure
Reverse EZ bar wrist curls 1 giant drop set

I felt weary at the beggining of the workout but managed to finish it strong.

Smith machine squats feets together -15/10/8/10/12
Leg extensions -4 straight sets 12/10/10/10 one triple drop set with static hold the last drop(stretch between sets)
Vertical leg press - 1x30 rest pause
10mins eleptical 15/45 sprint/rest

I did not feel strong today with my squats and did not get the best pump possible on the extensions.Energy levels are still good.

Macros:60f/40p/0c -10% BMR
My post workout shake contains 50g whey 5g creatine 5g leucine and salt.

Soon i'll probably get myself on DAA and DS Triazole for a 4-8 weeks trial.

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