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Default Gettin`ripped .

I've decided to start my log here, cuz i've read through numerous log's here and on other boards and found that this is the best way to track progress, share experience and recieve/provide motivation and information.I'm a predominantly endomorph ,but best way to describe myself is endo-mesomorph.However i've started at the age ot 14-5 greatly overweighted, due to overfeeding with junk food and no sport or activity.At the age of 19 i was at my leanest ,bust way to skinny and way too weak.Currently i'm muscular and lean at 76-9kg depending on if i'm depleted or carbed up.
My ultimate goal for the next 5 months till summer is to get myself leaner than ever, and if possible to even increase my strength.

I'll be following my concept of CKD which i firmly believe is the best way/diet for someone with similar metabolism who want's to get realy lean and keep most why not even gain some muscle in the process.

So it's show time ,starting tomorrow !
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