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Wasn't up to getting to the gym after work tonight, been slowly adjusting my sleep schedule but its been hard. Managed a short and light workout at home that will do for now.

3x8(4x2)x80 EZcurl
3x30(10x3) pushups
3x8x50 reverse EZcurl
misc weighted hand strikes

I've been working on finding out what workout schedule works best for me to get the most amount of TKD, strength and flexibility training, and some good endurance work each week with my crazy *** schedule. So far this is what I'm running. Yoga is a possibility on any day.

Monday: TKD 1 class, moderate to intense cardio 20-30 minutes.
Tuesday: Rest, option for yoga
Wednesday: TKD 1-2 classes
Thursday: Arm/upperback/chest strength day (possibility of friday instead)
Friday: Leg Strength Day
Saturday: HIIT bike (likely to delay this until sunday), abs and lower back.
Sunday: Extended moderate cardio.

In a couple of months I will be intending on adding a supplementary martial arts class into an evening later in the week, like a two hour judo, karate, or hakpido class (preferably hapkido) for a couple of hours, which is likely to drastically alter my workout schedule, but hopefully my sleep and therefore recovery times in addition to my endurance for all above exercises will increase substantially.
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