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Cool Starting bulk diet

Hi all long time since my last post, glad to see this board is alive and kicking with wonderful information!

I wondered if someone could critique my planned diet for a bulk phase (for at least 6 months or longer).

Meal 1: Breakfast - Protein Shake
-whey protein
-1 banana
-1 wheet bix
-350g milk (full fat)

Meal 2: Morning tea - light snack
-fruit of some description
-possible yoghurt

Meal 3: Lunch - chicken meal
-chicken pieces

Meal 3 1/2: Pre-Workout energy drink (only on days of workout)
-tablespoon of dextrose
-some kind of juice (350g)
-serving of creatine

Meal 4: post workout - protein shake (only on days of workout)
-whey protein
-500g milk (full fat)

Meal 4/5: post workout - chicken meal
-chicken pieces

Meal 5/6: Dinner - stir fry
-some kind of meat
-vegetable all sorts

Meal 6/7: bed -protein shake
-whey protein
-350g milk (full fat)

So thats what I'm thinking, I previously pretty much did this a few years back and completed a dirty bulk, but I'm trying to keep it a bit cleaner

I'm a bit fuzzy on ideas for the chicken meals, I just wanted to add lots of carbs and protein to put on mass, appreciate any suggestions.

I am not on a cheap budget, but I would like to keep things cheaper if possible :P
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