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Well, I actually think my injury is some type of tendonitis on my pectoralis tendon where it attaches to the humerous.

I feel like I have ruled out a bicep tear/strain because I can do a chinup pain free a well as light curls.

However, when I tried a bodyweight push up, bodybuilding style bench press (elbow flared - not that I ever do these, it was a test of what hurt) and db fly, it hurt my left arm in the middle bicep region pretty bad. A powerlifting style bench press only hurts a little which makes sense because the pecs aren't stretched as much.

Further, pure external rotation kills, which makes sense, the pectoralis is a internal rotator and is getting stretched on external rotation, thus aggravating the tendon.

The pain is deep enough combined with the fact that I can curl pain free leads me to believe that it is in fact under the bicep and that it is the tendon of my pecs. Which would makes sense given the amount of pressing I was doing.

I still have not worked out, due to the injury, sickness and holidays, I have been off for 12 days, which feels like an eternity to me!

But now I feel pretty confident that I have identified what the injury is, I will develop a plan of attack. Basically, I will avoid exercises that externally rotate and presses. I will work my triceps with isolation and do regular work for my back and legs since that should not be hampered by the injury.

Time to get back into it.


Bodyweight down to about 174 right now, not training and not eating as much (due to not training) contributed to the loss. So I am pretty much 2 months into my bulk with NOTHING to show for it except for a slightly faster metabolism. That sucks.

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