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had a real good leg day today.

2 weeks ago I did 455 on squats for a set of 3, then 2 sets of 2 and it was really ugly. Part of it was still being weak from the diet and another part is me re-learning the squat form from not doing squats as much during the late part of prep.

So this week I decided to go in and just go by feel.

sets went:

1-135 X 12
2-185 X 9
3-245 X 6
4-295 X 4
5-345 X 2
6-385 X 1
7-425 X 1 (last warm up)
8-455 X 3 (felt solid, much better than last time)
9-465 X 3 (again felt real solid)
10-475 X 3 (great set)

so I decided f*** it and put 495 on and just decided to try for 1 or 2 and I hit it for 3 really solid reps. Probably could have gotten another 1 or 2 but wanted to make sure my form was completely solid before I start pushing it with weights close to max. Definitely a PR for this bodyweight (around 202 lbs)

Then after that I did rack good mornings (set the pins right above parallel and you get under the bar and have to move it from a dead stop, brutal)

did 3 set of 5 with 405 with that, really felt good.

also did calves, leg extension, and 2 sets of leg curl to finish up.

great workout, first time I felt like my 'offseason' self again
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