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Default BBS type workout # 30

Date: 12/12/10

Chest Press - 100lbs + loose weight X 8 reps

Lat pull-down , narrow grip with 2 sec. ab clench:
137.5lbs + loose weight X 7.75 reps

Shoulder Press - 87.5 lbs X 4.5 reps

Dumbell Rows (gym was busy) with 50lbs - slow to failure

Leg Press - 440 lbs X 8 reps


Increased chest press and leg press weights a little and was pleased enough with how I felt on the new weights.

I traveled for a few days this week and picked up a head cold with sore throat and cough. I am sucking lozenges which is not part of my diet.

Separately, I bought a Tanita body scale at Target to try to determine my body fat percentage. I am comfortably under 165lbs as noted in previous posts; height: 5'10 3/4"; chest: 42" approx; waist: about 33 1/2" before eating. The scale makes you program in info before using - age, height to the 1/2", activity level. The activity level input setting is causing me problems. You have to choose between moderate low intensity activity and trained athlete - I forget the exact term they use for trained athlete but they define it as doing hours of high-intensity training each week. Because I didn't fit into either category I used the different user feature and entered myself separately in each category. When I weigh myself as someone who engages in regular low intensity exercise (not true) it shows my body fat percentage as 17.8%. When I weigh in as s/o who does tons of high-intensity training (not true) it measures my body fat at 10.2%. I'd like to think I am am 10.2% but am not sure. At 17.8% I don't think you could have very visible abdominals.

Has anyone tried these body fat scales / can anyone shed any light on this?

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