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Flat Bench
215x3, 12 sets
172.5x3, 8 sets

BW+5 x 14, 10, 9

80x8, 3 sets of double contraction reps

Cable Row (to replace T-Bar Row due to lower back needing a rest)
50x15, 2 sets
60x8, 3 sets of double contraction reps

My plate loaded machine is crazy, using just 60 lb, it felt comparable to using around 120-130 lbs on the T-bar. Of course, the feeling was only in my lats, it was nice to not have to stabilize with my legs and lower back. I think that will go a long way to helping my lower back feel better.


Regarding my delt pain, I think I have some more clues. My left bicep is strained right now (and has been for about 1 week), which is involved in bench press as a dynamic stabilizer. I am guessing that the strain (which I don't have a clue as to how IT happened, lol!) is putting more stress on my deltoid to relieve the bicep, which in trun aggravates the deltoid.

Regardless, it would probably take time off to properly heal it........and we know that is not happening. Pushing on....

James 1:16-17 ESV
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