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So I feel like trash lately, it is my own stupid fault.

First, my lower back is tight as can be, because I squat Monday, deadlift Tuesday, T-bar row on Wednesday and then repeat for Thursday, Friday, Saturday. My lower back was only getting Sunday off.

I think I have the solution for that. I will do chest-supported rows to take the pressure off my lower back on Wednesday and Saturday. I tried it out by laying on my ab bench, it felt great and I was able to target my lats just as effectively as the t-bar rows.

Second, my left delt is killing me on pressing. I completely ditched my morning OH pressing workout today. Again, my fault, I was pressing 5 days in a row. Flat on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. OH Pressing on Tuesday and Thursday. Now, I feel my training is balanced in terms of pressing vs pulling and external rotation type work. Not sure, what I will do about this. I like my set up. I may try OH presses with dumbbells, assess in a few weeks.



AM - OH Press

Epic Fail

Lunch - Deadlift

Deadlift - no belt, 1 minute rest between sets
271 (plus 20) 331x3
351x14 sets

superset with light arm work

Today called for 8 sets with 351 and then 6 sets with 80% of 351. However, I felt good and stuck with 351 for all the sets and will go up to 356 on Friday's deadlift session.


And so it starts.....Winter is upon us in SouthWest PA. I spent the first part of my morning shoveling about 4 inches of snow.

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