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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
why did you take out the 3rd workout for the day? I like that plan though! I especially like the fact that you are squatting and deadlifting in the afternoon, after you wake up, and have had a chance to eat a bit...was that on purpose? Also, any accessory lifts during these workouts, or are you going to just do the one exercise?
3rd workout was eccentric-less training pulling my tire. It was all outside, and it is simply too cold right now. I likely won't do it again until the Spring, which is a bummer, because I loved it and really believed it was beneficial.

Yes, squatting and deadlifting at lunch was most definitely on purpose, I couldn't imagine doing them at 6am. Much easier to get motivated for a bench session at 6am. And yes, I get the added benefit of having more meals in me.

Flat Bench/OH Press is supersetted with traps/rhomboids/rotator cuff work

Squat/Deadlifts is supersetted with light arm work

Lats/Biceps is supersetted with calve work

No other assistance planned, if I have a minute or two at the end of a workout, I like to throw in some "pump" work and abs.

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