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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
you usually have a very good explanation for things you do...I am curious to know the benefits of deadlifting and squatting...THAT MUCH!!!!
I've been reading and applying Christian Thibaudeau's principles (from over at T-Nation) for awhile. Basically, he is stressing maximum volume and frequency that you can handle while still recovering. Thus the percentage of 1 rep max used is actually on the lower side, about 70-80%. But with reps staying low, fatigue is minimized and so is central nervous system stress. So the progression model is based on building up volume over several weeks by adding sets and then bumping up weight and starting over volume wise, rinse, repeat.

However, I am surprised that you described it as "THAT MUCH", as someone who completed Smolov and is currently doing a Workout Machine program that has you squatting and deadlifting 3 times per are no stranger to high volume and frequency yourself!

Originally Posted by ngdaniel View Post
Doesn't deadlifting and squatting add muscle to your hips, thighs, and butt to make you look round and droopy?
Yes, it made mine quite droopy. I should work on that.


rear double bi

Originally Posted by misterjaydubyoo View Post
Haven't posted in a while, been really really busy, but I do follow your log. Good work man. I like your plan of attack.
No stress, no one is obligated to post! Basically following the High Performance Mass plan at T-Nation, not the exact split since it is not conducive to my schedule, but the principles are being applied. In reference to your post in Layne's new journal....I am a nuthugger for Christian Thibaudeau!

Originally Posted by misterjaydubyoo View Post
As for weight, SLOW weight is best...whether it be gaining or losing, slow usually means quality.
I set the short term goal of hitting 180 and still looking shredded, so far I am at 176 and looking good. Slow is best.



266 (plus 20) 326x3
346x3, 14 sets, roughly 70% of 1 RM

Superset with light Tricep Pushdowns



Flat Bench
150 (plus 10) 200x3
210x3, 20 sets, roughly 75% 1RM

Superset with Wide Cable Row 77.5x8


Chinup - really focused on the squeeze, slight pause while contracted at the top of ROM
BWx13, 11, 10

Lat Pulldown
77.5x8, 3 sets of double contraction reps

135x12, 11, 11
115x8, 3 sets of double contraction reps

Above exercises superset with bodyweight calve raises

Light Bicep Curl and Stiff Arm Lat Pulldown

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