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Conventionally, it is unconventional to conventional deadlift on consecutive days. However, my consistency on conventionalism is far from consistent, in fact you may say I am consistently unconventional by convention. Being unconventional, I throw conventional wisdom aside and conventional deadlift on consecutive days because I enjoy starting new conventions, conventionally.


Tuesday - Typically Just Lats/Biceps - but I added deadlifts today

AM - Lats/Biceps - it was raining, so I couldn't walk my dog, thus I got in a full workout which usually doesn't happen on Tuesday and Thursday (my dog walking days)

150 (plus 10) 190x5

BW+10 (plus 10) BW+50x5
BWx10, 9, 8

Lat Pulldown
75x8, 3 sets of double contraction reps

132.5x10, 11, 11
115x10 double contraction reps

All Back exercises supersetted with bodyweight calve raises

Lunch - Deadlift

Deadlift - conventional, no belt
120, 206,256, 306x3
356 (plus 20) 416x2
331x5, 8 sets, resting 60 seconds at first, no more than 90 seconds on last few sets

Light bicep curls and leg curls


My deadlift yesterday and today felt AWESOME. I typically could not have deadlifted on consecutive days, but I finally got it in my head to RESET between each rep. You can't just rep out like a bench press when deadlifting. I always deloaded, that was never an issue, but I wasn't taking the time to tighten up my back arch for the 2nd and 3rd rep and so on. My first rep was always good, but then form broke down slightly from there, the result was a sore lower back, never extreme soreness or injury, just more than it needed to be. Well, Monday and reset well between each rep and it paid dividends, I felt great going into todays session.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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