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Default USP Labs - OxyElite Pro Review

Tried a free sample of the USP labs Fat burner OxyElite Pro (anything free is good right?)

Decided to try this one out after (annoyingly) finding a leaflet about the product INSIDE my tub of Jack3d... apperantly standard practice for USP Labs....

Good Points

Intense Thermogenic
Fat Loss
Increased Energy
Increased Focus And Concentration
Reduced Appetite
Lost Excess Water
Almost Euphoric Feeling

Bad Points

Extremely Potent (not usually a bad point but if taken without a meal it causes the entire list of bad points)
Nausia or dizziness
Shaking or Jittering

This is a very good fat burner up there with Gaspari - Mitro.. i'd say this is more geared towards someone wanting more than just a few lbs here or there, this is more of what i'd call contest standard products.. do not take this unless seriously want to lose fat
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