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Shoulders and Triceps: I had to workout at another gym today, so the numbers will be different

Dumbell shoulder press- Warmup- 35lbs for 15 reps
set 1- 6 reps with 65lb dumbells
set 2- 6 reps with 65lb dumbells
set 3- 6 reps with 70lb dumbells

Upright rows-
set 1- 10 reps with 40lb dumbells
set 2- 10 reps with 50lb dumbells
set 3- 10 reps with 50lb dumbells

Dumbell shoulder press-
set 1- 20 reps with 35lb dumbells

Triceps- warmup- pressdowns with half stack
set 1- 6 reps with 3 from bottom
set 2- 6 reps with 2 from bottom
set 3- 6 reps with 2 from bottom

Overhead cable press-
set 1- 10 reps
set 2- 10 reps
set 3- 10 reps

set 1- body weight for 30 reps

Tonight is back and calves. I think I will finish out week 6 and tailor my future workouts using this program's philosophy. My body feels strong, and it doesn't feel as succeptible to injury by lifting heavy anymore. So I'll probably do a similar workout, but maybe add an exercise or 2! For example, I will add cable crossovers into my chest routine, because my chest develops better when I do them routinely. For shoulders, I'll probably do lateral raises instead of a 20 reps set of shoulder press. For back, I'll probably keep it close to the same. For biceps, I'll add preacher curls, and for triceps, maybe some reverse grip pressdowns. But I need to finish week 6 first!
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