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Friday - Flat Pressing - Deload Over!

AM - Strength

Flat Press superset with Wide Grip Cable Row 70x7
162.5 (plus 5) 222.5x3

Rack Press
222.5 (plus 5) 252.5x3

Miscellaneous chest/tricep pump work

Lunch - Volume

Flat Press superset with Wide Grip Cable Row 70x7 and Ab Bench 52.5x8
177.5x5, 5 sets
200x3, 4 sets

Tricep Extensions/Pec Deck superset for pump


I decided that the Rack Press was one of the primary agrivators of my shoulder, so I eliminated it during the lunch session and substituted rack presses with sets of 3 on regular flat bench press. My shoulder felt was tender after the AM session but felt great after the lunch session, so good news there.

You may look at the last set of 8 and think what was the point of the previous reps if he could do 8 with 200. Well, I am going high volume and high frequency right now. So I want to stay clear of failure. I am trying to keep all reps at least fairly explosive, no grinding. Even the 200x8 was very smooth, no grinding. Plus the early sets help prime for the later sets. It's funny, but I couldn't have done 200x8 at the beginning of the workout, heck, even 177.5 felt heavy at first, it is neat to see how you can prime your CNS for heavier lifting if you are careful to avoid fatigue earlier in the workout.


Starting a new supplement today....D-Aspartic Acid (DAA).

It is supposed to boost testosterone. I will be taking 3 gram (roughly 1 tsp) in the morning. Some have noted pro-estrogen effects when taking this (an unfortunate side effect of raising testosterone), therefore, after discussion with some ABC experts, I will be taking the DAA along side Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is an aromatase inhibitor and has the additional benefit of improving vasodilation, antioxidant capacity, and body composition improvements. Dosing for CLA is 1.5g at breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4.5g total.

I have enough to last me almost 3 months. Let's see what happens!

James 1:16-17 ESV
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