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I skipped legs Tuesday because my bionic knee was killing me. I did shoulders and triceps last night:

Dumbell shoulder press- warmup- 35 lb dumbells-20 reps
set 1- 65lb dumbells- 6 reps
set 2- 65 lb- 6 reps
set 3- 70 lb- 6 reps.

Upright rows:
set 1- 100lbs- 10 reps
set 2- 115 lbs- 10 reps
set 3- 115 lbss- 10 reps

Barbell shoulder press:
set 1- 65lbs- 20 reps

Triceps- warmup- pressdowns with half stack
set 1- whole stack- 6 reps
set 2- whole stack- 6 reps
set 3- whole stack- 6 reps

Cable french press-
set 1- 110-10 reps
set 2- 120- 10 reps
set 3- 130- 10 reps

body weight plus 45lbs- 20 reps

I couldn't lift my children last night! My shoulders and triceps were jell-o! I'm getting stronger week by week, so I guess it's working. My back seems to be gaining a good bit of size. It's actually making me thicker front to back! I always had good lats, but they are now sticking out like a cobra without having to flex them (similar to Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon at the end when he is captured). I'm gaining strength in my chest and shoulders. Tomorrow is back and calves.
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