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To comment on my last post was not worth it. It tore one of my calves minorly and took weeks to heal because I wouldn't let up long enough for it to heal quickly.

To update, though, I'm finally back in the gym lifting normally after 6 months or so as I've dedicated my exercise to the martial arts (taekwondo), as well as due to some hand injuries, and so don't lift often with my legs in order to keep them primed for my time in the do jang. However, I've taken 3 weeks off and I'm hitting the weights hard for strength and endurance, and piling on HIIT cardio until I get back to the academy in another 2 weeks. Today was my first leg lifting session in those many months for the most part. I'm still in good shape, but **** I'm not used to weight bearing exercises other than lifting some one off the ground with a kick! Looking forward to the results from this cycle of lifting. Today was mostly just weight range finding and getting my feet wet once more after a couple weeks of being sick and recovering from competition.

Leg Extensions:

Leg Curl

3x15x190 (Machine is maxed, can't get lower rep ranges)


Calve Raises

These were all completed in a circuit fashion. Next time volume and weight increases, with warmup and cool down sets of higher volume (15-20reps).
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