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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
De load should be over, and I should be prepping for another round of defying gravity: the workoutmchne way, but being in the army means I must be adaptable...going to the field (camping, playing ranger, sleeping on the ground, ruck marching everywhere) means my body had to pay today...

Squats: 330x3x8 (great, felt very strong)
SS w/ body weight chins

Russian twist
SS w/ BB row: 135x10x2

135x10 (paused)
205x8 (paused)
225x3x5 strong and good

Skipped deads, as either thursday when I get back (depending how I feel) or friday will be squats, deads and maybe light bench
Nice work my friend. As you will see in my journal I made one adjustment and did 6 reps today instead of 8. Essentially I altered each week to allow me to do lower reps, still undulating of course, but lower reps since I have a meet soon.
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