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Shoulders and Triceps Saturday:

Warmup- dumbell shoulder press-20 reps with 35lb dumbells
set 1- 6 reps with 70lb dumbells
set 2- 4 reps with 60 lb dumbells
set 3- 3 reps with 60lb dumbells

This is how it's supposed to be done. The last 3 weeks, I've been getting my strength tested, and I've found my limits. Now, I'm starting with weight that I can barely do 6 reps with, and the subsequent sets are usually done with less. And it showed! My shoulders and triceps have never been this fatigued!

Upright rows-
set 1- 10 reps with 100lbs
set 2- 10 reps with 115lbs
set 3- 9 reps with 120lbs

Barbell shoulder press:
set 1- 20 reps with 65lbs

Shoulders were mush after that.

Warmup- tricep pressdown- 20 reps with half stack
set 1- 6 reps with whole stack
set 2- 6 reps with whole stack
set 3- 6 reps with whole stack

French press with cables-
set 1- 10 reps with 140
set 2- 10 reps with 150
set 3- 10 reps with 150

set 1-20 reps with body weight extremely slow

Probably the best overall workout since I started this program. I changed the cadence on the explosive set. I basically explode up, moderate on the negative, and then rest for 1 second before exploding up again. Previously, I was exploding up and resting 1 second at the flexion. I realized I was performing it wrong, so I changed it, and I can feel the difference immediately.

Tonight- chest and biceps, and I'm pumped about doing this the right way!
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