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Well, it rained the rest of Sunday, so only 2 sessions.

Felt a cold coming on, I plan to do what I did last time and drown it with water and tea. I can beat it.

Oh, and what's up with getting a cold on my DELOAD, screw deloads, I don't need rest, lol. In fact, to make it worse, my cold comes on the day after a complete day of rest. Rest is overrated.

EDIT: Update - already seem to be feeling much better, maybe it was just a sore throat from runing with a tire filled with weights in cool weather, lol.

We'll see tomorrow morning, mornings are the worst when you catch cold.

Monday - OH Press Day, Day 4 of deload

AM - Strength and Volume combined

OH Press superset with Upright Cable Row 30x8
65 (plus 10) 135x3

Push Press
135 (plus 10) 165x3

Rack Press superset with Upright Cable Row 30x8
80 (plus 10) 140x3

OH Press superset with Upright Cable Row 30x8
105x5, 3 sets

Push Press
130x5, 3 sets

Rack Press superset with Upright Cable Row 30x8
100x10, 2 sets

Tricep Extensions and Pressdowns, light


Diet update:
Bodyweight average this week: 174.9

Gained roughly 1.5 pounds, a little fast for my liking, but I am not going to freak out, macros will remain the same for now.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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