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Saturday - Completely Off

Not planned, but I usually just "go with the flow" on Saturdays. Went fishing for a few hours with my children, then took them to a skate park. Came home watched Spiderman 3 with my family.

Watched the blood pressure scene with Jonah Jameson about 4 times because it is hilarious.

Then my wife baked homemade pizza (extra meat of course!) and we played board games together. A great day.

Sunday - Lats/Biceps

AM - Tirework

It was unexpected nice in the morning (for November), so I did some tire pressing, pulling and sprinting.


BW+5 (plus 10) BW+45 x 5

Bent Row
135 (plus 10) 185x5
105x10 Q reps

Barbell Curl
65x12, 2 sets

Entire Lat and Bicep portion of the workout was superset with bodyweight calve raises.

Ab Wheel Rollouts superset with crunches


If the rain stops, I will drag my tire again.


176 post feast day, 173 this morning.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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