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Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
Commander relaxing?! Lol. Deload always feels like the hardest week, mentally. I don't know about you, but I always feel like if I'm at the gym I should be going all out. I need to keep telling myself that it's a deload and it'll help me in the long run. Good luck and keep up the hard work!
Yeah, I know strange for me!

However, it all depends on how you define "going all out". I quoted the Wilson brother's article below. Basically, you should still be lifting heavy (maintain training intensity), so in terms of intensity, I am maintaining the same weights I lifted last week. I still push the sets I perform hard, I will just be performing less of them.

Training intensity should always be maintained or improved during a taper.
• Frequency should be decreased by no more than 20%.
• Volume should be reduced by 50-85%, depending on the accumulated
fatigue. If the athlete trains for only 4 weeks, and the fatigue is minimal,
volume should be closer to 50% in reduction. If the accumulated fatigue is
high, such as after a 15-week training season, volume should be closer to an
85% reduction.

Lunch - Tirework

Tire Pressing and Pulling

Tire pressing going well, up to 60 pounds in the tire for 6 sets. When I started I was using 50 pounds for generally 3-4 sets.

It is a glorious day in western PA, I was able to take my shirt off while tire dragging....yes, several cars crashed as they gawked at my hulk-like physique, but that is a consequence I am willing to deal with.

Couple stories:

1) My neighbor (young boy, about 20) said he wanted to train with me. We'll see what happens, I told anytime he sees me dragging my tire to come and join me. We could have some "I go, you go" action (although, we'd have to change weights!).

2) I was dragging my tire on Wednesday and I hear this strange noise coming down the street. I look up and there is a teenage boy riding a trick BMX bike towards me, the strange sound is his feet dragging on the pavement because the trick bike doesn't have brakes! His girlfriend (she must really trust him) is standing on the grind pegs from the back wheel with her hands on his shoulders. He says, "So what are you training for?" I tell him, "To get in the best shape of my life." He says, "Huh, are you a cop or something?" "No," I say, "I just enjoy working out." He wishes me well and is on his way.

3) My neighbor down the street comes up to me a few weeks ago and starts asking me about why I drag the tire. I explain the physiological reasons for doing it and he seems really interested, he looks in my tire to check out my design. The VERY NEXT day, I am working out and see this car REVERSING up the street toward me, I think, "What the heck is this person doing?" Well, it turns out to be my neighbor (didn't recognize the car coming from reverse), and he pops his trunk open and shows me his tire! He bought some rope and planned on making one ASAP. I see him a few days later and he tells me how much he loves dragging the tire....and he even convinced his wife to try it!

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