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Tuesday - Lats/Biceps

PM - Iso session

DB Bicep Curl
30x8, 10 sets

superset with

Ab Wheel Rollouts
BWx10, 10 sets

Very little rest, quick pace. Ab Wheel rollouts (for those that don't know) are a great upperbody exercise. I do them for my abs, but they hit the chest, lats and arms as well. I had a huge pump from this superset.

Decline Cable Pullover
50x10, 3 sets

Wednesday - Inc Press and Deadlift Day


Close Grip Inc Press
105 (plus 5) 160x3

Inc Press
160 (plus 5) 185x3
145x5, 5 sets

Flat Bench with chains
145+chain x 5, 7 sets

Entire workout was alternating supersets with:
Band External Rotation x 6 reps or
Face Pull 40x8

Miscellaneous Tricep pump work

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