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Alright, so I finally have some free time to talk about the competition this past weekend. First off, it was a ton of fun, the most fun I've ever had lifting. It was a nice mixture of serious and casual strong guys and a decent audience. People thought Mike, me, and some other guys were crazy at first because we were yelling during the lifts while everyone else was being quiet. But by the end, everyone started getting into it.
Anyways, I weighed in exactly at 170 which put me in the 181 weight class. There were 3 flights depending on how heavy your squat was, so I was in the 1st flight and Mike was in the 3rd flight.
First came up the squat. I went light, 215 lbs, and made sure to go below parallel so that I would have a good lift under my belt. It was easy and decided to go up 20 lbs for my 2nd attempt. I saw the judges were giving good lifts for going just to parallel. So I didn't go as low for my 2nd attempt and I got a good lift on 235. Felt alittle slow out of the hole but exploded at the end to where the bar came off my back some. Mike suggested I go 250 for my 3rd attempt but I wanted to do 255 to match my PR. Everything felt good but I guess I was too slow coming out of the hole and felt I couldn't finish and dropped the bar behind me, no lift. I honestly can't tell you what I did right or wrong during the lift. It's hard to explain, it was all like instinct. I don't even know if my eyes were open or not. I just felt like I was going to black out and I dropped it.
Moved on to the bench. Hit 175 for 1st attempt but it felt alittle hard. Went 190 for 2nd attempt and it felt much easier. Decided to close with 200 and I struggled alot but finished the lift. Got 2 good lifts but 1 judge said my butt came up and gave me a no lift. I know I flexed my glutes when I went to push the bar, but I don't think I came off the bench. I'll have to see it on video to see for sure.
At this point, I was sure I was way behind the top 2 guys in my class because they were in a later flight so I knew they had a strong squat. I didn't know how close I was to the 3rd place guy but I wanted to make a move where I was strongest, the deadlift. 1st attempt was 350 and it was easy. 2nd attempt was 385, which is my max for a competition legal deadlift and it was quite difficult. I wasn't sure what to do for my final attempt, I had done 405 before, but with a hitch. The rest of the people in my flight were deadlifting in about the low 300 range. They were all actually quite surprised as to how strong my deadlift was. I decided to attempt 400. I got the bar to just about past my knees and then I guess I felt I couldn't finish and dropped it. A bunch of people thought I had it and wondered why I stopped. Once again, I can't tell you. It was all instinct again, I don't know if my chest was up or if my back was straight or if I was even breathing or my eyes were open or not.
So in the end, I finished 4th in my weight class, don't know my overall lbs/lbs position. I'm not sure how they calculated the pound for pound numbers but here is what it looked like on the paper.

3rd 172 lbs 870 total 272 lbs/lbs
4th(me) 170 lbs 810 total 256 lbs/lbs

It would've been nice to know how close I was to 3rd place and if I had gotten the 30 extra lbs if I would've hit my PRs in bench and squat would've given me 3rd place or not. But there is no point dwelling on the past.
There are only a couple things I would like to review. One would be they videotaped pretty much everyone's attempts and I want to see mine to see my form and everything. Another is to figure out a way to be more aware of myself and the lift during the actual attempt. A similar thing happens to me when I play sports, I don't think very much and become very instinctual. I can go squat by myself right now and my form will be very good when the weight is lift. But as soon as I start hitting near maximal weight, I lose focus I guess and don't remember all my cues. I guess practicing the lifts over and over again to set the correct motor patterns will fix that in the end. And finally, I need to re-evaluate my food/liquid intake going into a meet because most of the time I felt like I was going to puke and/or pass out.
Anyways, this is a lot of writing so I'll try and stop it here. If they put up the video of the competition, I'll try and get my lifts up here for everyone to see. My goal is to deload this week on Tuesday and Friday, but we'll see if work will actually allow me to do it on those days.
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