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week#3, Day#5

This ends the first cycle of the program

265x2x2 (needed a spot on last rep of last set)

-weighed in at 206 3 weeks ago when I started, today I was 209.5
-I feel my squat and Deadlift have definately improved, but my bench is maintaining at best. I found out today I am weak at the bottom of the lift, no problem locking out. can anyone offer suggestions as to how to fix this?

Time for a deload week, then I will reset my numbers and run this one, one more time. I am not going to max out, I took some weight off my true max to use as a "training max", so I will just add 10 lbs to each lift and recalculate..except for bench, prob. just add 5 lbs to my max...if anything. I may even not "bench"..and just work on lifts that can make me stronger at the bottom...more to follow!
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