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Last night was Back and Calves.

Warmup- 15 reps with half stack on seated rowes.
Set 1- 6 reps at 190 (second to last plate)
Set 2- 6 reps at 200
Set 3- 6 reps at 200

Chin ups:
Set 1- 10 reps w/body weight
Set 2- 10 reps with b/w
Set 3- 10 reps with b/w

Reverse flys:
Set 1- 20 reps with 60

Warmup- half stack for 20 reps on standing raises
Set 1- 6 reps with whole stack
Set 2- 6 reps with whole stack plus 45lb plate
Set 3- 6 reps with whole stack plus 70lbs

Seated calf raises:
Set 1- 10 reps with 90lbs
Set 2- 10 reps with 115 lbs
Set 3- 10 resp with 125 lbs

Donkey Press:
Set 1- 20 reps with sled weight.

On back, I think I will do weighted chin ups next week. I feel my strength increasing on seated rows, and chin ups have been my strong suit for the last couple of years. So I'll add a little weight next week.

Also, on calves, I'm using so much weight to get a good burn, that it is leaving marks on my shoulders and hurting my lower back. I'll keep the weight on the standing raises pretty consistent, but I plan on increasing the weight on donkey press a good bit.

This system seems to be working. I am getting a little stronger at most of the exercises that I'm doing. And I notice a little size being added. This is my 3rd week since I changed my routines, and the 2nd week since I added my own twists into the program. I had plateaued pretty much, and this seems to be putting me a little over the edge. Tonight- shoulders and triceps.
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