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Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
Yes, we had to put them on our entry forms. My maxes have been 405 deadlift, though not competition legal, 255 squat and 200 paused bench. So I believe I put down to open with a 385 deadlift, 235 squat, and 195 bench. We can change them at weigh in if we want. I might drop the bench opener to 185 just so its real easy and I have atleast 1 good lift. I know alot of the guys there are strong benchers so I'm sure I'll probably be in the bottom of the bench rankings. I just want to be competitive in the squat and deadlift and maybe be in the top range for deadlift. In the end though, its all about fun for me. I just want to have a good experience and watch Mike destroy the weights of course.
Thanks for the support man, I know you will do well.

Now, may I humbly suggest that you open lighter? My suggestion would be this: Squat - 215, Bench - 175, Deadlift - 350. I know you think that is light, but your openers should really be your last warm-up, think of something you can triple. Also, keep in mind that, 1. This is a full meet, 2. I know you did a full meet at my house, but it was just you. Here it will be many people so it will take up more time and be more fatiguing, and 3. This is typical gym equipment, meaning that the bar sucks and is thicker than a bar we would see at a real meet, the knurling is trash, and there is no flex in it.

Just my thoughts, personally I would take openers that are a joke just to get in the meet. At least that is the plan for myself.
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