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So, couldn't fall asleep until well after 2 a.m. I was reading "Brief History of Time", then watched a "Making of Walking Dead" special. My brain was just running in hyper mode. My fault I guess, I typically try to stay away from TV and computer at night. And reading about complex physics just gets my brain going.

I am super excited to watch this new "Walking Dead" series on AMC. I prefer fast "zombies" like those found on "28 days later", but I have heard good things about the Walking Dead series.

In spite of not sleeping I got up and trained. I figure every time I wake up and train I am building a habit and helping break my neurotic behavior (of being anxious that I won't get enough sleep). For example, if I can't fall asleep at 11pm, I, theoretically, shouldn't stress because I can think back and remember training at 6am after only getting slightly more than 3.5 hours of sleep. That should help me relax and actually fall asleep.


Monday - OH Press Day

OH Press superset with Upright Cable Row
62.5 (plus 10) 102.5x3
107.5 (plus 5) 132.5x3

Push Press
132.5 (plus 5) 162.5x3

OH Rack Press - pins at eye level superset with Upright Cable Row
72.5 (plus 10) 112.5x3
117.5 (plus 5) 137.5x3

OH Press

OH Rack Press


Diet Update

Bulk Started October 25, 2010: 173.5
Bodyweight average this week: 172.8 (yes, that's right, I lost 0.7 lbs on my bulk!)

Previous Macros - 2268 cal, 72 fat, 235 carb, 171 protein - PWO - 3108, 80, 347, 251
New Macros - 2648, 89, 276, 185 - PWO 3488, 97, 388, 265

Middle of last week, I had to add a serving of nuts to my afternoon because my lunch shift (and hence, meals and paraworkout nutrition) got moved earlier, making a very long gap between lunch and dinner. Today, I added 2 scoops of oats.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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